Vertical Gallery

Long ago, during the first few months of my photographic journey, I developed an obsession on discovering the answer to ‘Why?’  It eluded me.  Why did my prints come back not looking like the scene which I saw through my lens?  Too bright or too dark, dull colours, or blurry beyond recognition.  It felt somewhat like gambling.  Sending off my film and waiting for the prints to come back was similar to the feeling before Christmas or my birthday as a child.  You know you will get ‘something’, but how good will it be.  Will it be exactly what you wanted or expected.  In the beginning, the pictures usually were not.  So I set out to discover ‘Why?’  Through many years of photography I believe I have gained some control but am still near the beginning of this path.  There is no conclusion in sight, since I learn something new every day.  ‘Forever a student said the master, be forever a student of life.’

Regarding website images:

To facilitate website display, the images are in simple JPG format.  We have attempted to maintain high quality for online viewing, but the conversion (and computer monitors) discard a vast amount of colour and subtle detail present in the originals.