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 Christopher Dennison has been enjoying photography and studying the art for most of his life.  He recalls as far back as 10 years old, becoming familiar with a small manual film camera.  By age 13 he had an understanding of all basic camera functions, being able to thoroughly impress his teachers on a school project.  A warm lit pathway leading to a silhouette statue, lush greenery, and a lone robin added up to a winning shot.  Since being exposed to the emotion his photograph evoked in viewers that day, Christopher was hooked.  He passionately continued experimenting with nature photography throughout his teenage years and has since devoted a large part of his life to capturing these images.  Learning through ‘trial and error’ gaining practical ‘hands on’ experience, Christopher has sharpened his skills in both colour and B&W mediums on transparency, negative and digital.  During the late 1990’s many people viewed his personal portfolio of landscape images and urged him to print and frame them in exchange for a fee…. Christopher Dennison, Photographic Artistry was born.

During his quest to record the exquisite contours of the earth, Christopher began to appreciate a similar beauty in portrait photography.  With extensive experience in both fields, he founded Click-It Photography which now offers a full range of services including weddings and corporate events, maintaining a firm commitment to fine art.  Christopher forever considers himself a student, and continues to expand his photographic knowledge.  His pursuit for perfection never ends…

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Article Oakville Beaver  
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