Artists Statement

Occasionally nature displays itself with such undeniable brilliance that one cannot but feel the perpetual power and immensity of creation.  I am mesmerized by the dreamlike scenes it offers.  There are times… and there are spaces… that entice me with such affection, I lose track of all but the subtle interaction between the two.  Time and space allow us motion.  This motion is a gift which permits us to create.  Our senses provide the possibility to witness the magnificence of creation all around us.  Together, the senses and motion, allow us to make record of these images for others to savour.  One of my collectors once called it ‘visual ecstasy’.  Occasionally I find myself lost in it, as if my time here were eternal.  Long ago, I began this journey, photographing the surface of things.  After years of observation, my focus turned to the internal.  Now, my images seek to express a fusion of the two.  Enjoy.

RE: Painterly effect

It is well-known that on numerous pieces, I employ methods which allow somewhat of a painted look to emerge, that of watercolour.  There are ways used to flatten the depth of a photograph which can make it appear painterly.  Add to that one of several techniques which cause a slight haze or even a smeary look and you can give the impression of a mixed medium, ‘a painted photograph’.  There are many means possible to obtain a painterly look in a photograph.  If accomplished, the final image can be quite dramatic and appealing.  If done incorrectly, it may simply result in a blurry picture void of any detail.  I feel there is a balance that must be sought.

I would like to note that any and all procedures used to produce this outcome are accomplished at the time the image is captured.  The prints are not digitally altered to achieve this.  You are receiving the outcome of years of searching and practically applying.  Photography has long been referred to as ‘painting with light’ and those with a discerning eye will recognize just how difficult it can be to manipulate such a medium which is largely beyond our control.  Naturally occurring light of Mother Earth mimics an uncontrollable studio with alternating light patterns.  This is what makes her so exhilarating to work with.  If done correctly, the painterly effect can bring to the surface an astounding sense of being.  A sense of fluid movement….of life.  It can evoke a feeling of motion in stillness.  You will find in many of my works, I have chosen to leave much of the finer detail up to the viewers imagination, as the original detail has been absorbed into the photograph. It is there, but you must recover it for yourself.  My images are concerned with the individual observer’s sensation.

Christopher Dennison