The one constant that nature displays is change.  It is alive.  No matter how subtle, it is continually transforming, growing, regenerating, and recreating.  It is dynamic, never stagnant.  An incredible concept I find myself pondering is that the scenes laid out before us will never, ever, look exactly the same again.  Once a photograph is captured, the land, the sky, even the trees, grass and water, will not take that same form twice.  There is a delicate interaction of balance, form and energy which eternally blends with itself.  From tangled woodlands and winding rivers to open fields and skies, nature displays unlimited interwoven layers and patterns never to be seen again.  Some pass without ever being seen by human eyes.  I hunt to record all I can of this beautiful playground we call home.


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If I were to suggest that the purpose of our existence on this planet is to refine our senses in order to perfect the human spirit;  Who would agree?  Who would disagree?  Either way, it does not matter, for my intent is to simply spark contemplation.  My photography attempts to elicit hidden emotions.  Looked at for extended periods, you may find an alternating transformation from realistic to realistic abstract.  This is the balance I so desperately seek.  I choose not to overwhelm with detail instead opting to merely suggest.  Here, I humbly offer you an alternative view.  I feel these images can be a springboard toward awakening the intimate relationship we all share with the earth.  Please take care of each other, and our planet.




The lack of detailed description of the subjects in each photograph is intentional (Eg. Type of plant, exact location, season, etc).  This is to allow people to fully enjoy what they are looking at… see it for what it is without categorizing it.  I find there is much more joy and empty mindedness to be had when things are not contained or limited by categorization.  It also allows the individual’s own perspective to remain untainted.