NEW – Open Edition Fine Art PrintsDue to request, we are now offering ‘Open Edition’ prints which are available for purchase at a fraction of the ‘Limited Edition’ cost.  ‘Open Edition’ prints do receive Christopher’s signature, although they are not numbered.  Any image can be purchased for $200/small, $250/medium, $300/Large.  Simplycontact us with the name and size of print desired, and we will send you a PayPal request.  For size and pricing details, please click on the ‘Pricing List’ seen to the right.   

Post Cards and Mini-Prints

We are now offering Post Cards and mini versions of our prints.

Post Cards – Standard Post Card on one side, emaculate image on the other.  Choose any 35mm ratio print for your Post Cards.  $2 for 1 card, $8 for 5 cards, $13 for 10 cards, $20 for 20 cards.  $5 for any post card personally signed by Christopher.  Higher volume discounts are available.  Please contactfor a quote. 

Mini-Print – For only $25, you can have your very own Christopher Dennison image.  The print quality and colour are incredibly detailed.  The 35mm ratio prints are approximately 7×10 and the panoramic prints are approximately 5×14.  Add $10 for any Mini-Print to be personally signed by Christopher.


Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

My staff and I are extremely meticulous about which images pass the jury process to be offered as ‘Limited Edition’.  Once an image is accepted, I personally oversee all printing, matting and framing aspects.

Each limited edition photograph is carefully inspected, approved, and numbered.  It is then signed twice; once with a visible signature and once with an invisible one.  The later is accomplished with an ink that is only visible under an ultraviolet light.  The advent of high quality scanners and printers has allowed would be copy-cats the ability to forge and sell counterfeit prints.  We have overcome this with the ultraviolet signature.

NOTE:  Each image is limited to only 100 pieces per size.  We are aware that this is an extremely low number for photographic art, but feel that it is beneficial for our collectors.  The prices are set to rise at incremental levels as the edition sells out.

An ultraviolet light is provided with every ‘Limited Edition’ print so that, if desired, our collectors can prove its authenticity.

Every ‘Limited Edition’ print also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

SizesOnce you have made your decision to purchase, each fine art image is available in several different sizes.  Larger sizes than those shown in the download below are available, please contact for a quote.


Note:  Print sizes are approximate, as each individual image is unique.  They may be slightly larger or smaller depending on which image is chosen.

Remember:  Framing adds an average of between 7 and 12 inches to each length, depending on size of print.  For example, a 10×14 becomes approx 17×21, but a 16×45 becomes a 26×55.  The mat and frame ratio increases as the print size increases.


*** Custom sizes are available for most images, please inquire ***